By Ciaran Ryan

Robert Kennedy Jr is a trial lawyer with a name instantly recognisable to most people around the world above a certain age. He is the son of the slain Democratic Party presidential contender Robert Kennedy, and his uncle was US President John F Kennedy. Both father and uncle were cut down by assassins in the 1960s, launching a flotilla of conspiracy theories about who was really behind the killings, and why.

That’s a subject for another day. Suffice it to say that the matter is far from settled (62% of Americans disbelieve the US government version that a lone gunman ended JFK’s life).

Robert Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci [available here on Amazon] is a criminal rap sheet 800 pages long, and places Covid supremo Dr Fauci in the dock where, based on this evidence, he ought to be.

The book is a publishing phenomenon, racing up to the top of the Amazon best-seller list (the New York Times has studiously ignored it), yet no major publication seems willing to review it. No major media outlet has invited Kennedy on to discuss his book, though Associated Press (AP) did run a hit piece where the big reveal is that his nonprofit organisation, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), doubled revenue to $6.8 million in 2020. It then glibly editorialises some of his claims as “false” and makes liberal use of unnamed “experts” in an effort to sink this extraordinary story.

The $6.8 million fundraised by Kennedy’s CHD is trivial when weighed against the billions made by Covid vaccine makers under the leadership of Anthony Fauci. Yet AP chose to sic its investigatory dogs on Kennedy, not the drug companies. 

How the pharma companies managed to pull off a stunt this massive will be studied for generations to come, but Kennedy has certainly done a lot of the leg work for us, showing the ugly financial entanglements between Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the regulatory bodies that are supposed to oversee these uniquely powerful interests.

AP’s big reveal turns out to be a hollow burp. Like the New York Times, it is silent on the extraordinary success of Kennedy’s book and his remarkable claims, all backed up with hundreds of footnotes. If Kennedy’s claims are false, Fauci would be drowning him in lawsuits. That hasn’t happened.

How Fauci remains unindicted and retains his position as the world’s unelected Covid czar, is mystifying. Time magazine put him on their front cover, joining a long list of rogues. Here’s how Time explains its love fest with Fauci: “He delivers the truth, as difficult as it may be to hear, earnestly and with one goal: to save lives. His courage and candor have earned our trust. We are all fortunate to have a man of his wisdom, experience and integrity to help us navigate these difficult waters.”

The author of this piece might want to update this panegyric after reading Kennedy’s book.

There are dolls being fashioned in Fauci’s image, and media houses are running cover for the avuncular, media-savvy Dr Fauci who spouts inanities on CNN night after night and whose grip on the science is forever changing. Fauci never really says anything, but sounds convincing doing it. He promised the world that the vaccines would prevent people getting infected with Covid (not true), then he told us that masks were ineffective in preventing transmission – and changed his mind and said they were essential. He explains these contradictions away by saying that the science is evolving.

As the eminently qualified Dr Peter McCullough has pointed out, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to what will surely go down in history as the greatest public health scandal of modern times, for the simple reason that Fauci and his paid acolytes bet the farm on vaccines as the solution to Covid. In other words, if you have Covid, do nothing to alleviate your symptoms. Wait until your lips turn blue and then have someone dump you at a nearby hospital, where the doctors will give you two things that will most likely kill you – remdesivir and intubation (tubes into your lungs)

If you have had the temerity to ask your doctor about these therapeutics, you’ll be told they are ineffective and should not be taken. They might also tell you to stop listening to conspiracy theorists. Doctors are reading from a script prepared by Fauci Inc.

Kennedy has some devastating stats to counter the Covid vaccine hysteria. Consider that Nigeria, where just 1.3% of people have been vaccinated, has a case fatality rate of 14 per million of the population, against 2,200 per million in the US where supposedly more than 61% of adults have been fully vaccinated (more than 70% have had at least one jab). Nigerians, it turns out, have long used both hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin against malaria and river blindness, and that likely kept them safe from Covid too.

Killing off drugs that worked

Kennedy spells out how Fauci worked tirelessly to kill off therapeutic drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin because these were cheap and effective against Covid. But to pull that off, he had to fund studies that were set up to fail by over-dosing and administering these drugs too late to effect recovery. There is a little-known law in the US that prohibits emergency use of vaccines (meaning the usual safety precautions are short-circuited) in cases where pre-existing drugs are available and known to be effective against a particular disease. So HCQ and Ivermectin had to be killed off and replaced with vaccines and – for those admitted to hospital with Covid – a highly toxic drug called remdesivir. Kennedy explains how the remdesivir tests were faked to show positive results – it supposedly reduces hospital stays by three days, but other studies find absolutely no use for this drug in treating Covid. 

Why the rush to approve remdesivir, when much cheaper and more effective drugs are already on the market? Remdesivir has a valid patent and is therefore profitable if you can force people to take it, while no patents exist on HCQ and Ivermectin.

Fauci goes global in his campaign to squash cheap therapeutics

Taking their lead from Fauci and the US, the Swiss banned use of HCQ for Covid until doctors reported that death rates had trebled within two weeks. HCQ was quickly reintroduced, and death rates dropped.

The same thing happened in Panama, where HCQ was briefly banned. Death rates climbed so alarmingly that doctors demanded the ban be lifted, which it was – and death rates returned to normal. Gibraltar, which as a vaccination rate of more than 100% (even tourists get vaccinated) has a case fatality rate of 2,900 per million.

Countries that allow easy access to HCQ – like Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan and Ukraine, all have miniscule case fatality rates.

Countries that ban it or severely restrict its use, like Ireland, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, are comparatively deadly.

Stopping the pandemic in its tracks seems to be the last thing Tony Fauci wanted.

Medical publishing scandal

In one of the biggest medical publishing scandals of all time, The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine published fraudulent studies using data from a company called Surgisphere Corporation. These studies purported to show how HCQ was dangerous and completely unsuitable for treating Covid. These studies were used by many governments, and Fauci himself, to torpedo HCQ and get it banned for use in treating Covid. But the studies were a fraud, with manufactured death rates. It wasn’t long before scientists started questioning this data, the studies were pulled, and the authors tried to distance themselves from it. Yet that didn’t stop Fauci from referencing these studies from his semi-permanent berth at CNN. He did nothing to modify his stance against HCQ and Ivermetin, allowing his lie to stand unchallenged. He claimed these drugs could not be used because we don’t understand the mechanism it uses to defeat Covid – a monstrous argument in the face of what he claimed was the greatest public health threat in history. When studies were done to find out if HCQ was effective, these were deliberately botched by over-dosing, and by failing to administer the recommended protocols including zinc and a few other supplements. The problem was that the patent on HCQ had expired. It cost about $10 a course versus $3 000 for Dr Fauci’s preferred treatment – remdesivir, in which Bill Gates has a substantial financial.

The nerdy Bill Gates came up with a brilliant business plan

Bill Gates, the nerd, is anything but a benign and disinterested presence in all this. His self-interest is graffitied right across any discussion of vaccines. He has spent decades positioning himself for this very moment when a health crisis could be turned into a profit machine. Gates is the largest funder of the World Health Organisation (WHO), after the US, and both he and Fauci exercise tight control over the entire regulatory structure. This is surely a case of regulatory capture on steroids. His face was everywhere on TV at the start of the crisis, offering his opinions on the virus as if he was some kind of expert. His divorce from wife Melinda, and his known association with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, seems to have curbed the media’s interest in Gates, who appears on TV far less frequently these days.

Regulatory capture

It is clear that many health authorities, particularly in emerging countries, are now starting to realise that their health systems have been held captive by an ugly cartel that is more concerned with profits than public health. Consider that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US owns 57 patents, and Bill Gates is its largest funder. Consider also that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) receives 45% of its funding from pharmaceutical companies. Imagine our environmental regulators getting half their funding from coal companies and then imagine what kind of an environment we would have.

African countries that yawned at Fauci and his hysterical edicts had miniscule Covid death rates. In their mad zeal to push vaccines on the world, 100 million children were driven into food insecurity as businesses were shut down or jobs lost, according to Kennedy. Food insecurity is NGO-speak for chronic malnutrition or death. The cruelty of these policies is almost unimaginable. More than 10,000 African children were dying each month as a result of lockdown-induced malnutrition – something the vaccine zealots, who enjoy such abundant airtime on eNCA, skate over deftly when wagging their fingers at the more than 50% of unvaxxed South African adults. 

Fauci comes over as a monster, but he has been at this for decades. Kennedy explains how he killed 85 black and Hispanic children by conducting illegal drug tolerance studies – which means testing how far the human body can go before a drug kills you off – on AZT, which was developed and then discarded by the National Cancer Institute as too toxic for the treatment of cancer. AZT was being fed (often forcibly) to children aged 12 and less who did not have cancer. Many of the children that did not die needed blood transfusions to stay alive. Fauci hid these results, and these facts, from the public. 

Fauci, Gates and a few others control roughly 60% of biomedical research around the world, and have dispensed about $500 billion in research funding over the years. That’s a huge investment, and you can be sure this is not free money.

Where this is all heading

Where is this all leading? You might have figured that out by now. Vaccine passports, track and trace, facial recognition software, biometric identification and that innocent-sounding catch-all for a bouquet of terrifying technologies – the “internet of things” – are marching us towards a dictatorship, says Kennedy.

If that sounds hopeless, it isn’t. The human story is a relentless quest for freedom. Kennedy urges people to buy the book, share it, and engage in civil disobedience. “No-one ever complied their way out of totalitarianism,” he says. Tyrants will always use their powers to the maximum extent possible, unless halted in their tracks by mass resistance. You might be suffering from Covid fatigue after nearly two years of bureaucrats and state-funded scientists barking in your ear, but this book is essential to understanding the background and characters that shaped these events.  

There are tens of thousands of doctors and lawyers around the world brushing up on the Nuremburg Code, which prohibits the kind of experimental testing now taking place. There will be a reckoning for this public policy catastrophe and the needless deaths and injuries inflicted on people around the world. Before signing up to vaccine mandates as advocated by Business South Africa, the SA Medical Association and others, read this book. Your life might depend on it.